LOVE is good enough.

LOVE is good enough.

If you are reading this, then you found out about us/our blog/this specific post via Social Media. Which is awesome. We are SO glad. We like to believe that there is more good that comes from living in the 21st century than bad. There are more ways to learn and educate ourselves on millions of topics, news or otherwise. There are ways to persevere every memory we deem worthy of preserving. Our children will look at their baby book by searching special hashtags. Wedding slideshow material will also be found this way. We support small shops (and thank GOODNESS!), and pin lots of cute and clever things we want to do with our kids. And sometimes we ACTUALLY do them! But it is not hard to get lost in todays world. To forget about what is really important.

We always tell our kids "Just do your best. Your best is good enough." And I firmly believe this. I believe that if you pour your soul into what you do, it's good enough. So yeah. If you don't pour your soul into brushing your teeth, you might get cavities. Im not being sarcastic. Like. You really will. I don't meant that you should WANT TO brush your teeth with gusto every. single. time. I'm saying that IF YOU DO. If you brush good and hard and for a decent amount of time while bopping your head in the mirror thinking about how fresh your mouth is going to feel when you are through, you have given brushing your teeth your very best. If you are kind to people. Especially when it is hard or when others are not being kind, you are being the best version of yourself possible. If you try new things. If you have a good attitude. If you believe in yourself. You are doing your very best. I am PROUD of you! And it is our job to give our kids the tools to have the confidence TO do their best. 

Obviously, we can't pour our soul into everything that we do. Sometimes we are tired, or sick, or angry. Or maybe it's math homework. How can one do their BEST if they don't understand something? Well... we try to understand it. We ask for help. Trying and asking IS YOU DOING YOUR PERSONAL BEST. And as parents, it is all that we ask for.

SO why are we so hard on ourselves? So what if I pin something on Pinterest and don't get around to actually doing it? So what if I make a new meal and it is flat out disgusting? So what if I lose patience, or act out of anger sometimes? It doesn't mean that I'm not giving it my best. Sometimes when you give your best and you don't feel appreciated, you lost patience or become angry. So climb out. Do it for YOU. Know that you are good enough. Know that, at the end of the day, that if you are kind, you have done your best. That if you can apologize when are human and do something wrong. Then you are doing your best. That if you LOVE with all your heart. You are doing the best that you can and that you should want to. LOVE IS GOOD ENOUGH!

So give yourself a pat on the back. You don't have to HAVE the best of everything. You just have to make the BEST of everything you HAVE. And... always be humble and kind. ALWAYS.

xxx CS --- REAL LIFE. Didn't "pick up for the camera". Just came home, sat Miss thing down and started typing. Writing for my soul and hopefully yours, too. Now when she wakes up. GAME OVER! Already have my vacuum armed and ready! <3

Colleen and Colleen

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