Rise Shine & Be Kind

Rise Shine & Be Kind

It's time to start your day and you are OVER-tired, have kids crying, a dog waiting to go outside, piles of laundry to dig through, and you ran out of milk for the cereal you child is about to dump on the floor!
You have a choice! You have the power!
Our tips to accomplish this:
1. Take a deep breath
2. Give yourself some verbal affirmation
3. Put on your favorite song
4. Do a happy dance because you're breathing and here to write another page in your story!
5. Fill up for your favorite cup and enjoy a BRIEF moment of calm
6. Put a smile on your face and take on the day like the rockstar you are! You got this!
Now have the most AMAZING DAY ever and remember to BE KIND! Someone else could have woken up on the wrong side of the bed and not followed these simple steps yet! ;)
xxoo C&C
Colleen and Colleen

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