What is normal and who is to define what is normal? 
Well we believe everyone is normal. 
When we started Mama Said Tees we had absolutely no idea what was to come! This company has changed our lives forever in the best possible way! After Colleen Stine's sister was killed we realized that this wasn't something we wanted to do anymore. It was something we NEEDED to do. We needed to change the world for someone, somewhere even if just for a moment.
The concept of "normal" started with an idea of acceptance. Everyone has a story. How could we possibly create a shirt for every different story to create acceptance? Well with every single story, we have found that everyone is just normal. Plain and simple. Everyone's version of normal is different and that is okay. That is more than okay. That is life and this life is beautiful and we should be living it how we are meant to. We were a little worried that the word normal would make people think we wanted them to be the same and boring, but it is actually the exact opposite! We want everyone to embrace who they are because we are all different! Different is normal. Everybody is normal. 
Starting this campaign with our little idea and growing it into this movement has been the most rewarding experience for us. We could not have done this without everyone along the way! So we want to give a SPECIAL thank you to everyone who participated in our campaign, lending their voices and talents to make this what it is! 
We hope this spreads to the world and lets everyone know that they are normal. It is normal to be different and you should embrace it! 
Thank you so much for participating and helping us change the world! 
With all our hearts, 
 Colleen & Colleen 
Colleen and Colleen

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