What a week it has been ...

What a week it has been ...

It has been one week since we launched our #LetsRedefineNormal campaign and to say we are blown away is an absolute understatement! CS is mastering news interviews while CB is packing orders (or we could say drowning in them)! We have daily phone calls to each other asking, "DID YOU SEE THIS?" and lots of happy dances! This week has been crazy and wonderful! We thought (well we knew) we could change the world bit by bit and certainly had HUGE dreams for this campaign, but are just beyond thankful for the outpouring of love & support! We have received so many emails & messages of people feeling accepted and proud to live their daily version of normal! Our hearts are seriously oozing happiness knowing that we have made even the slightest difference for even just one human being. 
We ask that you all please, PLEASE, continue spreading this message and the video! The more people we reach, the more lives we can change together! We couldn't do this without each and every one of you taking the time to watch the video, talk about it, buy normal merchandise and just feel proud to be YOU on a daily basis! 
Remember to tell us #whatsyournormal by emailing us at mamasaidtees@gmail.com with subject line: My Normal. We will be posting them to our social media so you can get your message out there and help others at the same time! (All posts will remain 100% anonymous)
We hope you all have an amazing weekend and remember to keep spread the good NORMAL word! Let's Redefine Normal Video
xx C&C


Colleen and Colleen

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