Back to school with a fresh start and a KIND heart!

Back to school with a fresh start and a KIND heart!

Back to school has taken on a whole new meaning for us since we started our little Kindness Empire. It is daunting to think about all the possibilities for our children, good and bad. All we can do is talk to them about the importance of being kind to every person they encounter. And a little BONUS would be to send them back to school in style ;) Here are a few of our favorite things from our favorite shops! We hope that you enJOY!
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1. Because we all know that teacher's have the hardest job in the world for which they should be EXTRA rewarded, we have here a Teacher Apple Necklace from our very favorite Brin and Bell! You can't go wrong with ANYTHING in her shop, but this is of course a cute idea for back to school!

Brin and Bell on Etsy

2. The only hard part about buying new shoes for our kids is how fast their feet grow. The only way we could justify spending the money is for shoes that actually mean something! We are IN LOVE with all of the shoes from Lo + Co Custom Sneakers. Converse or Vans. What's your JAM?!


Lo + Co Custom Sneaks


3. We haven't kept our love for Vivie and Ash a secret. We are virtually tickled by how much we adore her creations. They are the CUTEST for guys and girls! You can save 10% By signing up for her newsletter... so what are you waiting for?! Pair any of her cute bottoms with our sweet tops & you are SET!

Vive & Ash

4. Sprinkle kindness AND confetti with these super amazingly adorable bows from Shelby Chic!!! We have loved her for a very long time, and she never fails to impress! Pair with our Long Live the Bow Code tee and your little is ready to ROCK!

Shelby Chic Boutique

5. So we know she is on vacation right now, but we HAVE to share how amazing she is anyway. Maybe you could reward for a good grade on a hard test when she comes back!  You can even click a little button in her shop so that you know when she returns. Let's just say she is DINO-TASTIC! And we think everyone should decorate with something from her clever mind's designs!

Monka Goods

6. Did you guys know that Colleen B. and I met because she was an AMAZING customer of mine in my former life (CoCo Stine Designs)?! Well my former life still exists, on a smaller scale with more instant downloads! This is my latest creation and I'm quite proud to call it mine! It is an instant download in 3 sizes and would make a great gift for kids of all ages or teachers for their class room!

CoCo Stine Designs

7. And because all the super moms out there that pack lunches, help with homework, fear wake up calls, carpool & somehow keep it all together; our Moms Have More Fun tee to remind us (when we sometimes need a reminder)! Because why should blondes have all the fun? Not to mention it comes in the world's comfiest sweatpants too!

Mama Said Tees - Moms Have More Fun

Colleen and Colleen

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