DIY Valentine's Day Craft

DIY Valentine's Day Craft

Want to have some Valentine's Day fun with your kiddos this year? Well we've (taste) tested the perfect activity for you! 
All you need are teddy grahams, frosting, conversation hearts, a clear plastic bag, hole punch, ribbon and our Be My Kind Valentine printable
Have your little ones put frosting on the teddy grahams and stick a conversation heart on the belly!
Let them dry so the hearts stick to the bellies! 
Make your loving teddy graham army to deliver messages to someone you love!
Grab your Valentine PDFs and cut/hole punch them!
Have your little one sign his/her name!
Put the bears in a bag and tie with ribbon! Give to your beary special valentine! Made with LOVE and a fun family activity! 
Have fun, but beware of frosting monsters...
xo C&C
Colleen and Colleen

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