Get Your Kind On!

Get Your Kind On!

So. If you know either one of us at ALL, you know that we pretty much live in our Mama Said Tees. And we LOVE when we spot one of our friends or a total stranger in them. Usually I (CS) will make a comment you could expect to hear like... "Hey girl... LOVE that tee. Cutest one I've ever seen!" And it is always received with something like "Oh my gah I live in your tees! They are THE COMFIEST EVER!" And I am all like "OMG I know right!? Cozy. Comfy. AND they spread kindness!" You get the point. Anyhow, we thought it would be fun if every now and again we did a flat lay to showcase our tee with things pretty much every girl can find something close to in her own closet, and then those same items ON one of our bodies, to show you what we're up to & how easy it is to wear our tees in a zillion ways.
So TODAY I give you the most dressed up I get in a work week, seeing as how I work from home! Here we have...
Our Love One Another tee, in oatmeal
A really adorable necklace I got at a charity event for Fields of Dreams
My favorite clutch from Madewell
My fave jeans (sorry I really don't know where they're from...)
I wore this very easy, simple, and in my opinion darling ensemble to counseling tonight, and I am proud to report that Danny, my 10 year old, is officially done with regular counseling as of this evening! If you don't know anything about our story and why we go to counseling, you can learn more here :) Anyhow, Danny took this photo of me & was very proud of his efforts! And I am pleased to show you how easy it is to make our tees look cute with (believe me) very little effort! We would LOVE to see how you style your MST tees, too! So never hesitate to help us with our KiNDstock :)
So ummm yea. That's all I got for now. Until next time... Love One Another!
Colleen and Colleen


Colleen and Colleen

So cute! You make simple look amazing!

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