MST participates in Kindness in Chalk 2016

MST participates in Kindness in Chalk 2016

In light of October being National Preventing Bullying Month, we were a part of something TRULY KIND yesterday to bring awareness. “Kindness in Chalk” is an anti-bullying movement started by a woman from Minnesota that is now a national event where kids all over the country write messages of love at their schools or at home in hopes of spreading kindness.  Last Friday I had the very special opportunity to stand up in front of the students at my big kids' school and tell them all about it. They listened attentively and all promised to think about a positive message over the weekend they could write yesterday. Little did I know how hard they would think. How much heart and love they would put into their inspiring messages! I took dozens of pics! Will share more in a fb album later ;)

I asked the 8th grade class to kick off the day by writing their messages so that the younger kids could follow their lead. Our principal and their teachers have been drilling kindness and leadership all year, and they most certainly shined yesterday!

They did an AMAZING job! I am SO proud of them! This class has a special place in my heart because my niece is in it, and I think she's pretty awesome ;) (top left in pic below standing by the message that embodies the memory of her aunt and my dear sister, Shannon.) Shannon was the key component to yesterday, because if she hadn't been tragically killed, our fiery mission to spread kindness wouldn't burn as bright.

Our message that "everybody is different, different is normal" was highlighted in many forms yesterday. It filled our hearts with so much joy to see the love and time these kids put into their messages. Many of them ran over to me and took me by the hand, proclaiming that I MUST see their message! They were messages of love, faith, understanding, compassion, acceptance and hope. I've never been more hopeful <3 Seeing Ryan's class as the first class outside didn't hurt!

As wonderful as the entire day was, the wheels in our heads are spinning on where we can go from there. We have the kindness torch lit, and now we need to carry it and light the way for EVERYONE! So don't worry. We have some things in motion ;) And we can't wait to share them! In order to ACTUALLY prevent bullying, we HAVE to talk to our kids. They want to hear it. They want to love and be loved! It feels so much better to just be nice & kind. 

So THANK YOU MinneMama Adventures for starting this initiave to teach and spread kindness. And THANK YOU The Patchery for reaching out to us and encourage us to participate!  It was a heck of a time! CB had tons of fun writing messages in her neighborhood with Aden, and I had tons of fun overseeing an entire school come together for one reason: LOVE. Love always ALWAYS wins!

xoxoxo C&C

Colleen and Colleen

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