Last Minute Halloween!

Last Minute Halloween!

Are you the person who wakes up Halloween morning thinking it's still September? Yeah ... me too! Somehow the month of October ALWAYS flies past me and I'm left feeling like a walking zombie scrambling to make it magical for my kids! Well here are some things I've been able to whip together in the past so if anyone is like me, you still have time!
1) Halloween craft: Buy some mini pumpkins from the grocery store, get out your kid's paint set & go to town! Have them help you paint and decorate! Activity to keep them busy while waiting for trick or treat that will turn into an adorable decoration for your doorstep! 
2) Halloween Snack: Go get some Ho Ho's and Milano cookies! Open the packages, eat one to make sure they're good (trust me, quality taste testing is important), and decorate! Buy some decorating gel and make funny faces or gravestones to put on top of cupcakes (that you can easily buy at the store)! Find the chocolate crumble sprinkles and VIOLA! You should be on "America's Next Great Baker"! 
3) Halloween Costume: We are all about "practical costumes". This is what I say instead of admitting that I didn't spend the time or money to go pick out something from the store! ;) Here are a couple of our costumes from the past!
a. Al Borland! Throw on a flannel, some face paint, and a hat and look over a fence! Nailed it!
b. Skeleton! (A kind skeleton at that)! We headed to H&M kids and found a skeleton sweatshirt & hat this year! BOOM! Now feed that cutie some candy!
c. A DINOSAUR FAMILY! We rocked our dinosaur hoodies from Wolfe & Scamp for Aden's birthday party this year and you know what? That sounded like the perfect thing for Halloween! Multi-purpose & he can wear it ALL year! 
And if all else fails, you can just go as yourself. Frazzled hair - check! Dark circles - check! Sweatpants - check! ;) 
And since I'm always last minute I'm going to run to buy our trick-or-treat candy ... and likely taste test it during nap time because #MomsHaveMoreFun (especially when we're scrambling like a chicken with our heads cut off)!
Happy Halloween everyone! And because we love you more than candy,
we are offering 31% off for the next HOUR!
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xxx C&C
Colleen Berkowitz

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