Planning to be Present

Planning to be Present

Planning to be present. Sounds like an oxymoron huh? Maybe it is, but for a planner like me, it's the perfect plan to avoid guilt & stress.
What does "Be present" mean to you? Does it mean to drop everything and play a game with your kids? Get off your Facebook and finish your work? Take a deep breath and say "om"? We created our hoodie as a reminder to check in and even as co-creater I feel a sense of guilt every time I think about it. How can I be present in all facets of my life at the same time? Well I've realized that it's impossible and to squash this guilt I've come up with a plan; a plan to be present. 
Think of your life as a pie chart, or better yet a giant pizza cut into pieces! (Garlic, tomato, mushroom & spinach please ... mmmm) Okay anyways, each slice is a different area of your life! Mine would include my kids, husband, dog, family, friends, mama said tees, dance, hobbies, coffee drinking, texting with CS, sleeping, etc... Some slices bigger than others (like the sleeping slice would be sadly small and tired looking and the texting with CS slice would be HUGE with extra toppings & cheese), but when put all together they make up my life. Think about your pizza slices! What are all the things that make up YOU? (If you're really digging this idea try to draw them out!) So how can you be present in all aspects of your life without spreading yourself so thin that you can't enjoy any of it? Well, here is my solution (don't worry I'm trying it with you all so we're in this together)...plan out your presence. 
When you are focusing on one slice of your life, do it well. When you are working, work hard without distractions. When you are missing your friend, find time to pick up the phone and call them to catch up! When you are spending time with your significant other, schedule a sitter so you can have alone time. When you are focusing on your kids, put your phone away and make memories. When you are living in the moment, take a deep breath and just be. And when you are drinking coffee ... okay let's be honest, we could all drink coffee while walking on a tight rope holding a baby panda. Anyways, you get the point. Plan when you CAN be present and make the most of it. I know, it can't always happen because, well it just can't. Most nights catching up on the day with my husband includes simultaneously making dinner for my kids, telling said kids not to push each other, yelling at my dog to stop barking and answering an important email from my phone. This is what we like to call mother-tasking and this is life. Our slices of pizza all get chewed up and end up mushed together into our stomachs and...okay enough with the pizza analogy.
So I guess my long-winded point is that planning to be present might just diminish that sense of guilt you have when you hear the words "be present". You know what time you are dedicating to which areas of your life and when you can do it the best! And ahhhhhhh those moments will feel good! And if you're not a planner, then I'm sorry you read any of this, but if you are a planner I hope this helps a little. Instead of doing it all at once while spread so thin you don't remember what you are talking about, plan and do each thing REALLY FREAKING WELL! You may dedicate less time to each thing, but the quality trumps the quantity! Hmmm maybe all along when my husband says he can't multi-task it isn't an excuse for being inferior to me and not getting stuff done. Maybe he just already has it figured out .... HAHAHAHAHA yeahhhh right. 
Okay team. Hands in on 3... 1, 2, 3 ... PLAN TO BE PRESENT and DO IT REALLY WELL! There's no better time to try than now with the holidays upon us! And if all else fails just wear your PRESENT hoodie with a big bow on your head because YOU are AWESOME and the BEST PRESENT EVER! 
Happy planning & living in the moment! 
Colleen Berkowitz

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