Shop Small. Shop Kind. Something for everyone.

Shop Small. Shop Kind. Something for everyone.

We never truly knew the meaning of "Shop Small" or "Small Business Saturday". I mean, we knew what it meant, but we were so naive to what it REALLY meant for business owners out there. The ones who can't leave their work at work and can't take a sick day! The ones who have operations, finance, management, marketing, custodial engineering, secretary & coffee run person into one job title. The ones who often juggle raising a family where making dinner coincides with answering emails and a run to the post office includes a baby on your hip. The ones who have a passion that is unstoppable! The ones who see their visions come to life and see the joy their work brings to others! Well saying "we get it" now is an understatement. We SOOOOO get it! It's exhausting and wonderful all wrapped into one and we are SO honored that you trust us this holiday season. We've created a little gift guide of all things Mama Said Tees in case you're missing the perfect something for the perfect someone, or thought we just sold t-shirts! ;) 
Shop Small. Shop Kind. Something for everyone.


Let's be honest, we have a TON of options here

Dads, Brothers, Friends:

Moms, Sisters, Friends:



Starbucks Barista/Postal Worker/Anyone you can think of:




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