Why Mama Said Tees?

Why Mama Said Tees?

There are so many amazing t-shirt companies out there, which is one of the reasons we decided to join their forces nearly 2 years ago. But we knew that we wanted to be different. We knew that we wanted to have a love and kindness based theme, but we wanted to be more than just cute tees for your kids and casual conversations about the Colleens behind them. We started with the CRAZY mission to actually make the world a little bit better, and looking back, that makes us smile. 

We believe in our products, our messages, and ourselves as leaders & business owners. So... why Mama Said Tees, you ask? Here is what we have to genuinely say:

-We cannot guarantee that your child will be the kindest kid in his/her class because he is wearing our Kind is the New Cool, Love One Another or Be a Good Friend tee. What we CAN guarantee is that if you take the time to talk to him/her about the words that were so carefully and lovingly designed by us and the meaning behind them, you are doing everything you can to be an amazing parent. And not just when they are wearing it! Then maybe, just maybe, it will resonate and your child will WANT to be kind. Kindness, like love, is a decision. Teach kindness and they will choose kind! Choose our products and they will be worth much more than what you paid for them. THAT is a promise ;)

-If you care enough to purchase from us, you care about changing the world, too, so that makes you a PART of Mama Said Tees. We promise to provide you with tools such as inspirational posts and free motivational printables on our blog to educate yourselves and your kids how to treat others and be good leaders. It's all in the name! Mama Said. In this case, Mama Said we are in this together! We are a family <3

-We are trustworthy. We are passionate. We are committed. We care about every single one of our customers. SURE it isn't always calm waters. We cannot control it when we get an incorrect shipment of shirts or they are printed with the wrong color ink, no matter how organized we submit requests. All we can control is how we handle unfortunate incidences. A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor. We are always growing, learning and changing. But one thing is FOR SURE: We strive to be excellent. If you ever have a question or an issue, please feel free to email us at mamasaidtees@gmail.com - being that we get messages via Instagram, Facebook (personal and business) it is sometimes hard to keep track. Email is most certainly the best point of contact for each of us!

-We aren't going anywhere. We are here to stay. And we will not stop trying to spread the message that KIND is the ONLY cool. 

Kind of sounds like we just went on and on bragging about ourselves, and maybe we did . But if we didn't whole heartedly believe in our abilities, creativity and products, we wouldn't be putting a price tag on them. There are only a few things in this world we cannot possibly put a price tag on, and you could probably guess what two of those things are. YUP! LOVE & KINDNESS. 

So there you have it. We love you & are thankful for your undying support. Have an amazingly kind day & love like crazy ;)

xxx Colleen & Colleen



Colleen and Colleen

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