Kitchen "To-Go!" Printable <3

Kitchen "To-Go!" Printable <3

We saw this on Pinterest the other day and just KNEW we had to create a printable for you guys!! We have already taken our "KIDShen Aid" to a Lacrosse game and to Grandma's house! Then the kids spent hours taking it from room to room stirring up new concoctions for anyone who would let them. You have most everything at home already! To recreate this you need:

  • A large shoe box or tupperware container
  • Food/Pots and pans from a play kitchen! (If you don't, Target has all of this!)
  • A printer! Or access to one!

ONE SUGGESTION! If you have time, laminate your Printable. That way kids can play and spill and no damage is done! Also, great suggestion from a friend is to use velcro to stick it on so it can come off and be cleaned easily!

We hope you enjoy! We know we are already getting great use out of ours! 

xxx C&C


Colleen and Colleen

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