Let your smile be your logo :)

Let your smile be your logo :)


Every single day here at Mama Said Tees we are brainstorming how to better ourselves as business owners, moms, wives, friends, daughters and people. We embrace obstacles because they help us grow stronger. We accept criticism because it helps us to be more open minded. We are always dreaming up ways to encourage others and ourselves in a world that can sometimes be unkind.

The most important thing to us, aside from providing TOP NOTCH customer service, is helping our children to learn that kindness matters. Today we have to share with you a message that we got from one of our customers about her daughter, Farrah, She wrote: 

YOU GUYS!!!! So this little Kindergarten child of mine has been discussing "community helpers" at school and gets to dress as the community helper she wants be when she is older.  She was so excited at pickup to tell me this. She then continued to share that, "On Friday I have to wear my Mama Said Tees uniform. I have to wear my Love One Another shirt because when I'm older I want to preach about what God wants us to do and create more Mama Said Tees shirts. I have to be a designer who preaches. So, I need to take my sewing machine and my other Mama Said Tees shirts. Also, mom. Is there a place where I can see the shirts being made? Please email Colleen and Colleen."  So there you have it-your mission continues to grow through the eyes of a child!

The satisfaction that this brought us cannot even be put into words. When we started our little company, it was our mission to spread love and kindness. We get a lot of positive feedback every day and it makes our hearts swell with pride. Talk about motivation to persevere! Today we want to share a printable with you to print and keep for yourself or to give to someone who exceeds your expectations in today's world. A special thanks to Kristi for thinking of us when she saw this quote! You don’t have to be a business owner to own the impression you make on others! 

Have a wonderful WEDNESDAY! xx C&C

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