Love is Patient. LOVE IS.... KIND? Right? It sounds basic enough, but how do we truly grasp this concept? And does it work the other way? Kind is Love? We believe whole heartedly that the answer is YES! Love is kind and kind is love. But we will never deny that it isn't hard to love ourselves and others and be kind. But we believe that it is important to your overall happiness that you CHOOSE love & kindness and we are here to try and help you make choosing simple. We have both been down some dark and windy roads. There have been pitch black tunnels and waves of despair. But love and acts of kindness have been there to light the way and give us hope! We feel it is only fair that we share the light with each and every one of you ❤️
For the rest of 2017, we are going to have a "theme" for each month based on... YOU GUESSED IT! Love, kindness, positivity, and the things we celebrate about life! We will also be offering a FREE Calendar printable at the beginning of each month to show off our theme! This month our theme is LOVE (duh) & on top of the free Calendar and some other fun pop up freebies, our LOVE WINS kids tee, adult tee AND tank will be marked down! No coupon code needed. Just savings to spread the love!
Lastly, we invite YOU to share inspiring stories with us about LOVE. It can be a story about anything at all, as long as in the end, love wins 😉 We want to share your REAL life stories on our blog here, in hopes that we can inspire others to open their hearts to life's most basic need: LOVE. We will choose our favorite story each month and hand out a shop credit to the writer of said story!
We are so thankful for your support to make moving forward on our mission to change the world possible. We LOVE you! And we hope you know that we truly believe that together, we can make a real difference. Why? Because, sillies! KINDNESS CAN!

Colleen and Colleen

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