The Kindness Boomerang Printable

The Kindness Boomerang Printable

So why The Kindness Boomerang you ask? Well here is why ...
ACCOUNTABILITY! We need to start holding ourselves accountable for our actions! Take a minute to think about your day. What did you do today? Did you just "get by" or did you do something that you are proud of? We believe there is a difference between being a good person simply because you aren't doing anything bad and being a good person because you are really trying to make the world a better place! We want you all to be those kind of good people! The kind that go out of there way for just a second to make someone else smile! We know you are those people because you are taking the time to come to our website, which most of the time talks about kindness in one way or another! ;) 
SO, now we're holding each other accountable. Let's really challenge each other to make a difference! Let's call each other out in the name of kindness! The more you do the more you will realize how easy it truly is. Holding a door, smiling at someone, picking up litter. These acts of kindness can take less than a second to make a difference so there are no excuses! Send your kindness boomerang out into the world and it WILL come back we promise! Somehow, someway, someday you will experience acts of kindness from someone else and hopefully it will make your day! 
We want to set you up with all the tools we can to be kind, so here is one to start! CS designed this amazing printable! Print it out and get creative! Write a nice note on the back of it, tie it to homemade cookies, leave it with a flower, whatever your heart desires! 
We hope you all get out there today and make a difference! Need help thinking of ideas? CLICK HERE! Want to learn more about The Kindness Boomerang? CLICK HERE!
xo C&C
Colleen and Colleen

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