Why Mama Said Tees?

Why Mama Said Tees?

We like to think that we were one of the pioneers in the kindness apparel world, and we are SO proud of that. In the past two years we have noticed and been excited to see that the idea to spread kindness has been catching on and started seeing shirts similar to ours on Instagram, in catalogs, at the mall and in small boutiques. We think it's awesome (we really do, that's who we are) and we are excited whenever we see anything that might inspire anyone to be a little kinder than necessary.

So what's different about us? We are a SMALL SHOP, true, but we feel that we have so much to offer. We are two mamas who have, between us, 7 kids and 1 canine. We are dedicated to providing excellent service, customer relations, products and incentives such as coupon codes, free printables and inspirational posts that we feel set us apart from everybody else! We will follow along with you, and you with us. We are a family. We love to hear the story behind the tee you put your kid in, or the conversation that our prints sparked at a play date. We genuinely love and appreciate you! We are so very thankful for your support and we most certainly couldn't do this without you.

It's sometimes hard to keep focus when people around you are competing with your brand, and so we decided it was time to share with you why we believe in our company! So... WHY US? Why spend money on our tees rather than run to a department store? Have a look... :)

Thanks for giving us a chance to explain why we believe in US! Enjoy this free book mark printable! Here's an idea!! Have the kids sign the bottom, promising to make an effort to THINK and BE KIND! Then laminate and hand back for their planners, favorite book, or bulletin board ;)

xxx C&C


Colleen and Colleen

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