Cheryl's Love Story

Cheryl's Love Story

My husband and I met through mutual friends in high school and again in college when we started dating but that's not where our love story started. The year before we got married, after dating for 4 years in and after college, my soon-to-be husband and I were at my mom's house going through boxes of my things that my mom told us she was passing onto us now that we had our own house. It was boxes and boxes of pictures, notebooks, books, yearbooks from my childhood. We sat in her basement for hours going through boxes. At one point, I grabbed a black and white composition notebook labeled 4th grade from my one year at an elementary school in a neighboring town when my family and I first moved to Syracuse. I flipped open the cover to see those little headshot pictures kids trade in elementary school. I had about 20 of them, all girls from 4th grade, except one. That one picture of a cute little boy with tons of freckles was my husband. We didn't even realize we had known each other that one year in elementary school but apparently it was enough for him to earn a spot in my notebook. That's our love story and one I am so proud to share with our girls someday!
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